Love in a vase

Love in a vase
Love in a vase

The Dutch flower auction is by far the largest in the world. Every year, around 5 billion euros worth of flowers are exported abroad through this auction. In recent years, however, direct trade between grower and buyer has also increased. So many deals are closed outside the auction. The flower trade also provides a lot of employment in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a real flower culture. Not only are a lot of flowers exported abroad, but a large part of the flowers simply remain in the Netherlands. The Dutch give each other a beautiful bouquet for the most diverse occasion. Around days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the flowers are often hard to come by. Actually, everyone in the Netherlands can appreciate a beautiful bunch of flowers.

And foreign tourists also know where to find the Netherlands. The Keukenhof is still one of the most popular Dutch destinations.

Acrylic painting,papier crêpe ,papier soit

Original : Collage on aquarelpaper 300 gsm  size 594 x 420 mm

Price :€ 550

The original is beautiful of course but I think you can also appreciate it if you see my flowers on a small bag or on a small card ?

In short, take a look at my site and follow the link:

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