Love in a vase

love in a vase

Love in a vase

The Netherlands already had a real flower culture in the 16th century. Remarkably, the tulip, for which the Netherlands is now so famous, did not exist in the Netherlands. Some tulip bulbs ended up in the hands of Carolus Clusius of the University of Leiden. He started growing and conducting experiments on the tulips. After years and years, the flower was widespread in the Netherlands and the flower was cultivated more and more because of the enormous increase in demand. At one point, demand was so high that a tulip bulb cost the same as a canal house in Amsterdam.


Acrylic painting,papier crêpe ,papier soit

Support :

Aquarelpaper 300 gsm  size 594 x 420 mm

Price unique Artwork : € 750

*For all information

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