The girl with the pearl

(Or Double-Dutch)

The girl with the pearl ( Double Dutch )

The girl with the pearl ( Double Dutch )

You are of course aware that Johannes Vermeer (Netherlands 1632/1675) painted her in 1665 in oil on canvas:

“The girl with a pearl earring”

Even in 2008, most people in the Netherlands still chose this painting as the most beautiful.

The girl with the pearl and me are both Dutch so I gave her my sub-title « Double-Dutch » which also has other meanings …

To realize it in my own way, I used Conte à Paris , also better known as pastel

It is very delicate type of pencil with fantastic color reproduction and smooth connections

The original Art on paper : €450

She is clearly very beautiful of course, even if you see my girl printed on a T-shirt or just on a iphone -case

She is an it-girl !!

Go see for yourself which version suits you best and use the link to all the options:

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