Sketches of Paris

Valentine’s Day

Sketch of Paris nr. 7 , Paris Fashionweek

This is a very new challenge for me 😄

To depict the metropolis of Paris in simple sketches

Originally I come from the Netherlands and grew up in the Amsterdam region.

I have been living in Paris for more than twenty years now and I still experience and see new things because , voilà  that is Paris !

Every inch is different here and with a lot of history 

I shared with all friends and family but from now also with you.

Isn’t that fun ?

With my sketches I will take you on one of my many trips here and let you enjoy

What a fun pillow is this !!

You can print my sketches on the surfaces of your choises ,canvas , wood etc and frame it like you wish.

All according to your taste .

Sketches of Paris Nr. 4

From now on you find  all prints and merchandisings of Ciet Friethoff Art on this website :

 »Sketch of Paris nr. 3

Sketches of Paris Nr. 2