Ciet in New York

THIS SUMMER ! It was hot in New York💫✨💯

van der Plas Gallery , the place to be 😎

I am so greatfull to Van der Plas gallery

Thanx to them and all the other Artist from all over the globe who made it also this time a great succes

My own poster again with one of my three works
August 2021

Very honored to tell you i came back to New York this summer in August 2021

I had three of my works back in New York and again with Van der Plas gallery

How cool is that!!

Ciet Friethoff in New York January 2021

Orchardstreet New York

Isn’t it awsome !!😎

Atmosphere is top !!

Together with 50 artist from allover the globe
Superspot right in the entrance