Sketches of Paris

Let me show you some examples :

PARIS,Sketches Nr. 12 Framed Print

I have already made quite a few Sketches of Paris and I love it!

For me,it is the feeling that everyone who appreciates that, goes with me to see the beauty of PARIS.

PARIS ,Sketches Nr.34 Weekender Tote Bag

I have been living in Paris for more than twenty years now and I still experience and see new things because , voilà  that is Paris !

Every inch of the city is different here and with a lot of history .

I shared with all friends and family but from now also with you.

PARIS is the City of LOVE Women’s T-Shirt

Isn’t that fun ?

With my sketches I will take you on one of my many trips here and let you enjoy

You can print my sketches on the marchandise of your choises .

And surely to all kind of canvas , wood etc Than frame it like you wish.

PARIS,Sketches Nr.4 Shower Curtain

PARIS ,Cirque dHiver Wood Print